Henri Migala Bio

     I was born in Paris, France, spent my early years in Bangkok, Thailand, my teenage years in Texas, USA, and my early adulthood in Munich, Germany.  After finishing college, I completed a masters degree in anthropology and another in public health, and then lived/worked in 15 countries.  I eventually completed a doctorate in higher education.  While working on my graduate degree in anthropology, I had the good fortune and great privilege of  having spent a year living with a very remote and isolated indigenous community in the Bolivian Altiplano.

     I spent much of my professional career working in international  development and humanitarian aid, for a while with the UN World Health Organization in the global polio eradication program.  I continue to be actively involved in social justice issues by volunteering for various organizations, such as a "Clean Slate" legal clinic, International Relief Teams, and with a non-profit called Aguilas del Desierto ("Eagles of the Desert"), who search the deserts of Arizona and California for the remains of migrants.

     I started taking my photography seriously when I was doing my research in the Andes.  Working internationally, especially in remote areas, made it easy to be exposed to unique opportunities and great images.  My photographs have won international and national awards, been published in a variety of print and online publications, have sold around the world, and recently, one of my images was selected by the Smithsonian Magazine as a Top 10 finalist in "The American Experience" category of their 16 Annual Photo Competition (which received 60,000 submissions). 

     I continue to occasionally work as a contract photographer and story writer for international development and humanitarian aid agencies on projects around the world, as well as volunteer my services for local community media.

     Please contact me for photographic and/or story writing services (on my "Contact Me" page).